Shrimp & Bacon Salad with Hidden Valley® Ranch

Pan seared shrimp, bacon, avocado, fire roasted corn and jalapenos over spring salad mix topped with tortilla strips and blackened jalapenos with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®....made with a chipotle kick!


  1. 2 jalapeños
  2. 4 strips of bacon
  3. ½ pound large shrimp, peeled, with or without tails
  4. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  5. 8 ounces Simplot RoastWorks® Flame-Roasted Corn & Jalapeño Blend, warmed
  6. 4–5 cups spring greens
  7. 1 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
  8. ⅓ cup grated Fontina cheese (optional)
  9. premade tortilla strips, or make your own by cutting corn tortillas into strips and frying until golden
  10. 8 ounces Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing, Dip & Sauce Mix, prepared as dressing
  11. 2 teaspoons ground chipotle powder

Preparation Instructions

  1. Heat a skillet over high heat. Add the jalapeños and roast until blackened on all sides. Remove and cool. Once cool, slice into thin rounds.
  2. Add bacon and cook until crispy, then remove from skillet. Leave a bit of the oil in the skillet and add the shrimp. Season with salt and pepper. Sear until pink. Set aside.
  3. Chop cooled bacon and assemble the salads by placing spring greens in a bowl or on a plate. Add shrimp, bacon, Simplot RoastWorks® Flame-Roasted Corn & Jalapeño Blend and avocado.
  4. Top with the blackened jalapeño slices, cheese and tortilla strips.
  5. Whisk together Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dressing and the chipotle powder. Serve on the side.